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let's see what's in store for today. >> south of us but if you wereat the beaches it's on the wet side. but like i keep on saying it's the beach so you can deal with it. don't feel too sorry tore. you as you look at maryland's most powerful radar, we have a few showers moving in across the area. manual along the eastern shore this morning. we had a few around cecil county that's dissipating as well. but we will have the off and on flow through the rest of today. be prepared for that. scattered in nature as you head out and about if you are not going to get back home grab the
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rain gear. 71 right now in rock hall and we are talking about visibility issues this morning. we are the low 70s in reisterstown and sykesville. and this is what the hour by hour forecast looks like for today. by lunchtime, temperatures close to 80 with rain in the forecast. over to you. well it happened once again someone killed at tee bee's place but the victim was an employee. >> back in gal, a man was -- july a man was killed in the parking lot. >> sherrie johnson has the latest on this. and we understand the victim worked at the bar but neighbors say enough is enough. >> reporter: we have learned the victim tavares jones was a security guard there for 6 years. neighbors hope the stabbing will catch the attention of county leaders to shut the bar down. jones was trying to break up a fight when he was stabbed to death. violence at the bar is nothing new. and in july, baltimore county police reported a homicide in the parking lot. neighbors in the parkville community say the bar is a constant problem and in fact, they have written the
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councilman but never got a response. on sunday night, family, friends and bar patrons gathered to remember jones. >> he loved his job. he loved what he did and loved the people. they were like family to him. >> he made everybody laugh. he it was so comical no matter how sad your day was e. made you laugh-- he made you laugh. >> reporter: abc2 asked the owners of the bar if they can offer surveillance video but couldn't comment. so far they don't have a suspect in this case. tavares jones leaves behind a 4- year-old son and 8-year-old daughter. police are investigating a shooting and death at a house party on the alameda. larelle amos was shot while standing in the front yard on the 4700 block of leaveers court -- leabers cord yesterday morning. they don't believe she was the target but she open -- so far they don't have a motive or suspect. a book that killed osama
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bin laden will be released tomorrow to the public called "no easy day" and provides firsthand accounts of the mission. the book was written by a navy seal using a pen name that seal no longer on dutych the pentagon is threatening legal action if the book is released. after a delay over the defendant's facial hair the trial of major nidal hasan moves forward. he started growing a beard since his arrest which is a violation of army regulations. he is charged in connection to a deadly shooting rampage at fort hood that killed 13 and injured 32 others. 5:33. around the nation the high surf in california is now affecting beachgoers from san diego to malibu for labor day. huntington beach is particularly busy this holiday weekend. 70,000 people. they came there on saturday alone. that means lifeguards have been especially busy and made dozens of rescues this weekend because of the high surf. look at the video of what you
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are seeing. the advisory is in effect until tonight. we will talk about a huge mess those in saratoga springs utah is knee-deep in mud following a storm. several homes have been severely damaged from this. mud and debris made driving along the roads in one neighborhood impossible. couple families went to the red cross to spend the night because that mess was so bad. there could be a practical joke or political joke for that matter. somewhere in all this, the mayor of jackson's gap alabama beat aopponent in a landslide. the problem is she is dead. and she died before the election happened. the town clerk says a dead woman being elected is the first of its kind in the town's history. those who knew janice says she loved her town and would have made a great mayor if she survived. >> people love to leave a heg sigh and i knew it was her hope and desire to be mayor and move
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jackson gap forward. >> the law requires the candidate's name to remain on the ballot even after death. there's a mixed bags of -- bag of results for the ravens and now we look forward to the kick off of thing are season. tomorrow coach harbaugh will hold the first regular season news conference and the team signed a former new england patriot safety during the weekend. so the ravens are gearing up for the match against cincinnati. one week from today. the o's continue the road trip after a weekend series win over the yankees in the bronx. they took 2 out of 3. it could have been a sweep but we won't talk about saturday. the series belonged to reynold. baltimore's first baseman homered twice in friday's win and twice in sunday's 8-3 win. orioles cut new york's lead to 2 games in the east. they are back in camden yards thursday after going to toronto and this is why this matters.
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it's a 4-game weekend set with the yankees this could have major implications for the playoffs now just more than a month away. he was known for diverse empire that included a soccer franchise and his church. >> this morning people remembering those sun young moon. the leaders hoe was familiar and who he leaves behind. >> also ahead, one big worm. the tale of the tape for the earth work as the plans scientists have for this guy. he's big one. der -- he's a big one. every time someone chooses finish over cascade,
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so far over a million neighbors, friends, and family have switched to finish. join the finish revolution. recommended by more dishwasher brands worldwide. around world the reverend sun myung moon who turned his church into a religious movement has died. he had been in the hospital with pneumonia for the past two weeks. his church gained fame in the 70s and 80s for holding mass weddings of thousands of followers who were called moonies. the church are was accused of duping followers out of money. moon was 92 years old. 16 whales died following a
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mass strand off the coast of scotland. three of the whales -- stranded off the coast of scottland. british divers rescue teams say the mammals were among a group of 26 pilot whales stranded. 10 others refloated after being kept alive by vets. it's unclear what caused the whales to beach themselves. look at this. this is not a scene from a scary movie but footage from china of a giant earth woman. -- worm. that's so gross. a half meter long worm was found in the gutter of a home in southwest china and a person who first spotted it thought it was a snake which if you look at it you can see why. biologist will study it to figure out exactly what it is and why it grew so big. lynette has is like shielding her arms. >> rats,. >> but that will do it for me too. >> snake frogs. >> and this is gross. i don't want to see that.
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>> huge. >> i am eating. >> yeah. thanks so much. >> that's bad. yeah. weather wise. >> they are crawling around because we got rain and typically you see them pop up. >> and frogs too and i can't stand that. but we will see the worms so be prepared. >> you have -- >> yeah bad week. >> look yourself inside. >> exactly. let's show you what's going on. we have wet weather. lots of clouds so we have lots of moisture. we are seeing a few showers now around aberdeen and perryman. if you are traveling that way this morning, hopefully you are on the inside and don't have to go out to work. but if you do, be prepared for that and be prepared for the humidity. look for numbers in the 70s. dew points and measure moisture in the air once again when they are this high you will feel oppressive going into the afternoon. also with all the moisture out there, we have reduced visibility only about 3 miles in baltimore and five in easton along the eastern shore this morning. over to you. well a week after republicans made the -- made the case to america the democratstake over. >> this morning we are going to preview the week ahead and let
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you know how maryland will play a role in the convention that is happening down in charlotte. and a weekend air show in texas takes a tragic turn. investigators are searching to discover what caused the deadly accident. dad look, you can get eggs,
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thanks for joining ounce this moay morning. this labor day is a busy work holiday on the cal pane trail. president obama campaigns in ohio and heads to louisiana, an area hit hard by storms. mitt romney has downtime in new hampshire but paul ryan hits the road in north carolina where thousands of democrats delegates they are going to be arriving in charlotte. that's happening this morning all for the democratic national convention. and brandy hitt is there in charlotte with the latest. >> it's the time to move forward. >> reporter: this week democrats turn to rally support behind president obama and his bid for a second term the stage is set with democrats filling the convention the most open convention in history. >> right up front and personal. >> reporter: democrats are using star power a get message across all week long plug aspearns business james taylor
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and mary j. blige and fo. fighters the later first lady michelle obama and former president bill clinton will speak leading up to a large celebration thursday inside bank of america stadium. >> enough is enough. >> reporter: hundreds protested the big banks on the streets of charlotte sunday many along the road to charlotte tour the president continues to criticize his republican opponents convention speech. >> governor romney knows the secret to creating jobs and growing the economy. nobody ever bothered to tell us what they were. >> this president can't tell us that you're better off today than when he took office. >> reporter: a gallup poll shows the race is a dead heat and another poll after the republican convention that showed romney with a slight lead now shows the two are tied. with two months until election day. >> paul ryan asked without new leadership why should the next four years be any different from the last four years.
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barack obama has to answer that question. >> that was brandy hitt reporting this morning. also at the dnc this week martin o'malley appeared on the sunday political talk shows talking about what he expects from this year's convention. when asked what he thinks feet cal point will be on the election here's what he had to say. >> that's not the question of the election. the question without a doubt we are not as well-off as we were before george bush brought us the bush job losses and the bush recession and the bush deficits and the series of deserts wars charged for the first time to credit card the national credit card. >> now o'malley is one of the scheduled speakers for this year's convention. three days after accepting the republican nomination, mitt romney twitter account crossed the 1 million mark. his campaign thanks followers and white house aggressive push to appeal to twitter users generated a larger following. his campaign has more than 19
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million twitter followers. investigators are look into what caused a pilot to crash during an air show that happened in iowa ending in a fiery explosion. people why catching this as it happened. the pilot has been identified as glen smith and experienced flyer with more than 2,000 miles of flying under his belt. he was flying a tight formation when he veered off course crashing into a nearby field. >> we don't see anything mechanical but we want to make sure we have collected everything. it's wide open and it could be mechanical or pilot error but we don't see anything of that nature. >> parts of the plane weretransported to a ngar for further investigation. hundreds of firefighters are battling a wild fire as thousands of acres in california san gabriel mountains continues to burn. about 1500 people were evacuated including people living in the mobile home community and rehab center. about 200 firefighters were helped by air tankers and
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choppers. it's not known the cause of the fire and there's no report of significant injuries. 5:48. five things to know as you head out this morning. an edgewater navy seal killed while serving overseas is recommended by the community today. a procession is taking place this morning from route a 50รก to route 2 for the petty officer. >> he died last week when the helicopter went down during a fire fight with insurgents. the trial is scheduled to take part starting tomorrow for eblights johnson -- elizabeth johnson whose young son vanished between florida, texas and arizona. johnson is detained in arizona since 2009 and has said both the child died and she gave him away to a couple that she didn't know in texas. supporters of expanding gambling in maryland are use the labor day weekend to urge people to vote for it come november. in one of several referendums up for vote, proponents of the casino would mean thousands of new jobs. a group of
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environmentalists say they are opposed to bringing a power line carrying electricity from offshore wind t-urbines onshore. they believe that the high voltage line could have a catastrophic environmental effect even if it's buried. a rep says it's still gathering information for the project. the 400 pound sea turtles on the move. the national aquarium in baltimore will process the zebra sharks from the wings of the water as they prepare to fully renovate that area of the national aquarium. >> it has been opened all weekend for the grand prix to bring people down. today might be a good day to head down there because people might be dodging rain right? >> actually. off and on -- exactly. off and on scattered showers and a few showers around aberdeen perryman but we have rots of clouds this morning and the -- lots of clouds this morning and eastern flow.
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temperatures will be held down at 3 miles an hour. 7in york and we are also looking at a stationary front. so a stalled out boundary just to the south of us. that's going to keep us in the chance for some wet weather r today. and then also, from the west, moving towards the east, we will see remnants of isaac make its way in here as we head through today and as we head into thursday. very humid with this front as well. so we are getting trop -- tropical air across the area. we have tropical storm leslie. wind sustained at 60 miles an hour. it's moving to the north northwest at about 7 miles an hour. and is forecasted to strengthen into a hurricane category one going through the next several days. but it locks like it will stay awhich from the you -- looks like it will stay away from the united states. bermuda looks to be in its path. in terms of the wet weather for today, scattered showers will prevail this morning and going into the afternoon a this trend will keep through thursday and we will have a little drying time. but this is what your hour by hour looks like for today.
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10, 77 degrees. won't reach 80 until later. and the drier moves in by friday. we will talk about a labor of love on labor day weekend. handy seafood attempted to beat the previous world record to the largest crab cake at the state fair. so they did it. the old record was 253. this year's crab weighed in over 300 pounds. cooking started at 2 in the morning and it was ready by noon. crab cake sandwiches were served and sold for $8 with the proceeds helping 4hers. look at that giant crab cake. >> made national news this week. a father grateful to be home from the battle front -- >> you have to see this great storey. we will take you along for a ride as a dad comes home from afghanistan.
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thanks for joining us on this labor day morning. these are stories we can't get enough of. a soldier came home early from of a gap tan stan and pulled
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off two -- afghanistan and pulled off two surprises. >> shannon taylor was overseas for 9 months. the first stop his daughter's junior high school and dressed up as the moss cot to -- mascot to surprise her at cheerleader practice. >> he then the went to his son's high school where he walked in during football practice. you can imagine a lot of tears there and two very happy kid to have their father back home. >> if you wanted a new home there's paperwork to do. >> there is. and scamers are counting on you being so overwhelmed they are trying to get money out of you. why you need to look twice if you receive a bill for a deed in the nile going out -- to mail. >> going out to happy hour to pace but you are tipsy how the shape of your glass -- the glass, can be affecting how you drink. >> 22 gold medals might not be good enough. what michael phelps that got him quite a bit of money.
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we will explain. >> and we have lots of clouds this morning. and some foggy conditions. i will tell you when we get to the brighter side coming up. (bell rings)
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hi. yes? you know those delicious granola bunches in honey bunches of oats? i love those. we've added more to every box. really? wow! honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. you're watching the station that works for you now, good morning maryland. we will talk about a good neighbor a baltimore man rushes into a burning home

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